Nov 212012


You have been present without being here.

Trust in that.

Go to the deeper place within where we are always connected because there is nothing we are not.

Inseparable are you and I.


Take your feelings of disconnect and use them to your awareness.

Explore why you are feeling not when you already are.

Explore your feelings of misplacement or hyperness or restlessness or excitement to know more of who you are.


You are calling out to you.

Pay attention.

Do not perceive these moments as being not or wrong or off.

They are here specifically as a invitation for you to learn more, to dis cover that which appears underneath.


See not these feelings as discomfort and something to move away from.

Move into you more fully, not away.

You cannot run far enough to lose yourself.

There is only you in the end.


You Are The Secret

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Find what is trying to come forth.

That is the fastest route out of where you wish not to be.

Avoidance only creates delay, prolongs what will be.

For you will not be denied ever.


And I mean ever.


This is a matter of when, not if.

Believe me, I know.


Dive into what you are trying to avoid.

You are waiting there for you with open arms.


Go deeper.

Spread farther.

Open yourself to that which you already are.


There is more than enough of you to go around.

Spreading yourself thin is not your biggest problem.

Not spreading at all keeps you down.


Know yourself more fully.

That is all there is for you to do.

The rest is a game.

The illusion holds you where you do not want to be.


You know this.

Now change it.


Come into you more fully and a peace like you have not known before shall abound.

Peace be with you – for it already is you.


You are the secret you’ve been searching for.

Now you are found.  Secret no more.


‘What next’ is up to you.



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