Nov 212012

Only MAP – Day 5 and I’m surprised the leaning in continues with a bit more pressure.


You do not have to believe in the clouds if you do not want.  Just know the light is there and the clouds will go away in your mind.

This reminds me of a House Hunter’s International show from a month or so ago.  A couple searches for their Italian dream home for the right price.  They’re disappointed in finding only fixer-uppers.  Not the vision they had in mind.

The best line came from the increasingly frustrated realtor as the couple is visibly deflated at the site of an almost non-existent wreck of a kitchen.  Cutting objections off at the pass, with the wave of her hand the realtor matter-of-factly states “just imagine that away”.


Reality is not what it seems and what seems keeps changing as we grow.  We are limited by what we don’t see, not by what we do.


See beyond appearances.  Your point of view changes everything.

Fortunately this is a skill that responds well to nurturing and a good dose of curiosity helps too.


Don’t hide.  Stop hiding for you will never find what you are looking for out of the light.  Raise the light by stepping out into it.  That simple.

The next step we keep looking for is right here – show up even though we never left.

The simplicity of this truth tends towards squirming once again.


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