Nov 192012

… are you willing to pay attention?  That is the key.  That is critical.

If you do nothing else, pay attention to what you are doing and the nuances will begin to appear.  Right before your very eyes.  Learn about yourself and see who you really are.

Only Map – Day 3 and this whole journey we are on was placed neatly in a nutshell.



The more deeply we allow ourselves to see and listen, the more what has always been is revealed.

There is nothing new except what we make new.


Oh, how clearly I hear the refrain “oh the games we play” through my head.


One part in particular jumped out – “pay attention to what you are doing”.  I found this odd expecting to see “pay attention to what you are being”.

After some thought (and nudging) I realized to speak of paying attention relative to doing was a familiar entry point at this early stage.  Going further to recognize nuances relative to being would come later – but not by much.








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