Nov 182012

An appropriate title for MAP Day 2 might have been “Squirm Things Up”.


You hesitate to write that – afraid of what others will think.

I was called out then and three years later I still squirm seeing “glory of God” out there for all to see.

Although the words were accompanied by the deep, expansive feeling of being part of all that is, not everyone would connect into that intention and meaning.  And I certainly didn’t want to be mis-perceived as some ultra-religious person right off the bat.

Obviously I still don’t.


Squirming seems more appropriate than being shaken.  They feel different, very different.

And with that comes a clear signal.


Shaken has a element of shock and ungroundedness.  Nothing is as it appears. No footing or place to hold onto.

Squirming on the other hand feels very rooted – like a secret you don’t want told is going to come out.


How long did I really think I could go on with the MAP writings without “coming out of the closet” – I’m channeling a higher power that truly feels is coming from all that is or what some people will call God, among what feels like others.


Sheesh – so much for hiding.


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