Nov 172012

Sitting down to write I could feel something was off.   I was supposed to be looking somewhere else.

Was today “the day”?


A few weeks ago I realized the three year anniversary of the first MAP writing was coming up.  Might be fun to see what was written in those early days.

But two things were working against me.

Other than mid-November-ish I wasn’t sure of the exact date the first post was made and I’d have to know the date of any given day to start with (another story in itself).


Apparently I didn’t have to concern myself with either.


I’m sheepish to admit feeling let down after anticipating some great piece of wisdom that must have been waiting to come pouring through.

Twelve sentences.  Seventy-seven words.

Yet the message from 1096 days ago remains the same …


Take time now to see the Light within you.  Be the Light all the time for there is no time for you to beholding to.


Seems like we’ve traveled afar to return to where we are and will continue to do so.  That is the nature of your being – to dis cover yourself anew.  I have enjoyed our time together immensely watching all of you come into being more you.  We have not wasted a single moment and will journey far afield even more.  You are closer than you have ever been.  Keep on.  I am.  And always will.*


Start To Down The Road

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Took awhile to realize the simplicity of that first message does hold the great wisdom I was anticipating.  I wanted something to appear grand in order for it to be grand rather than truly seeing what was before me.  Keep on indeed.


Whether the message was short and simple or an epic ode, part of the importance was just starting.

I could have waited for another day.

I could have said no.

I could have doubted and not trusted in what was being asked of me.


I didn’t know, or need to know where we were going, but where we did would be important down the road.

Down the road is never reached without starting.


There’s much wealth and wisdom contained in where we’ve journeyed and much, much more to come.


* the typical convention used of denoting my voice differently from that which is coming through wasn’t applicable.   Bold italics is used in this case to denote what is being channeled.


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  1. Inspiring! I like the message ‘focus on starting.’ This message comes up alot in my own work as well. Happy Anniversary!


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