Nov 162012


Apparently I’ve not done so well on the silence front.

Or back.


Do not dismay.

You are in process because you are a process.

As is life.


You are always lamenting what you are not but believe you should be.

In joy wherever you are now and take a moment to breathe.

Breath in life and become a part.


Stop breathing and you cut yourself off.

You stop inspiration which in turn stops creation.


Above all else, keep breathing.


Play with your breath as another tool.

Become aware of what your breathing does for you.


Induce a state of what you might call scared or panic by breathing fast and shallow.

Gasp for more.


Then breathe deeply as if it was your first breath in a long while.

For maybe it is.


Savour this breath as a long sip of wine or a silky chocolate.

Feel yourself relax as you fall into yourself.


Change up your breathing while you are aware so you can be later too.


This is nothing new for you.

Just a reminder to return to what you already know.


Meld into life for awhile and try life on for size.

Your inspiration shall inspire us all.


Keep on.

We need you more than ever.


Step in.  Step back.

Step into wherever you are right here.


Creation starts now.

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