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So let’s see here.  Can you be one and be different?

They are not on the same scale, but to answer your question – yes.

You are one and can appear different.

Just as you are now.


Difference requires edges just as sameness does.

You like to live on the edge – did you know that?

And yet you are the space in between.


You like to see yourself as what you are not.

But in that you can know yourself again and re dis cover who you truly are.


The questions is, when are you going to make truth your reality?

When are you going to turn what you know in your mind into what’s real for you?


There is nothing but you.


See yourself for who you really are –



Do You See

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Can you accept the enormity of all you have placed on me in order not to own it yourself.


I am one just as you are.

In that we are no different.

We have no edges to differentiate one for another until you make it so.


You are all in your mind.

You can be anything you desire.

You can experience any aspect of yourself through your expression of this moment.


Do you see who I am now?


You expressing.

And you are me expressing.

There is no end or beginning except for what we choose to create.

All that is, is all is.


What fun is that?


The answer lies in you.

You expressing is life expressing is me expressing all over.

You are me and I you.


Do you see now how to ask of one and different in the same breath is not relevant?

They are not opposites but expressions of perspective.

Free yourself from the edge and become all that is in the middle once again.


You never left so your return is imminent. Done. Complete.


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