Nov 062012


Apparently I’m more ready to have a conversation about oneness and sameness brushing my teeth.

Because you are otherwise engaged.

And not ready.

Your defenses were down so to speak and your expectations low.


Shall we continue the conversation then? 

As you wish.


As I was saying and as were you, there are no edges or boundaries in oneness.

Where one begins is not where another ends because you cannot tell.


Now think of this in terms of many instead of you plus one.

You might be inclined to see the blur of where you meet and the distinction of you and they in the middle where you are more of you.

That would be correct in some ways but not others.


Think of me for example.

If I am all that is, where am I in the middle?

Where am I more me?


You cannot continue to see yourself as separate and see yourself as a part.


I thought we were both at the same time?

You are, but not in the way you like to see yourself as separate.

This is the illusion you hold real.

Until you see yourself as what’s really real first you will struggle to make both realities come true.


And right now you still make your separateness more real to you.


Shift your perspective to see yourself as the truth and know that your separateness is the game you play.

That will make all the difference in the world.


Think of yourselves as children playing make believe for a time but does not change who you really are.

You can be anything you desire and the same holds true for your fantasies.

For that is what your notion of separation is – a fantasy world created for you to pretend to be what you are not.


So how does this all relate to sameness?

Think of sameness as having edges and oneness does not.


In order to say two things are the same you must be able to see where they could be different.

And in that you have separation.

Your illusion is back at work again.


In oneness you just are.

In sameness you have this and that.

You are starting to grasp how you are more alike than different, but that is not the same as being one.


Keep on.

Don’t stop.

You have whole new worlds awaiting to open up as you come to see your true nature and the depthness of who you really are.


See yourself without borders.

Meld into all that is.

Do not be afraid to lose yourself because you were never lost.


How could I be?


Once you begin to be from my perspective you will fall in love with yourself all over again because you never weren’t.

Awe-mazing times lay ahead.

Let yourself grow.

You’ll be more than you ever thought able.






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