Nov 022012


I’m not sure I understood what you were trying to say when you were describing oneness and sameness are not the same.

I’m not sure I was focusing on the differences as much as I was trying to help you see differently.

But that is not of matter right now in this moment because you asked of one thing in particular.


Which hasn’t stopped you speaking about another in the past.

I’m glad you noticed. 


Our conversations are not always linear for a reason.

You can often receive the answers you seek by not barging in straight ahead.

The periphery is rich too, although you oft not look there.


By weaving this way or that or heading in a new direction altogether you open yourself up to the unexpected.

You would be surprised how much you have limited yourself when you ask a question.


There is much you have presupposed or expected and so you have conditioned what you see.

In going somewhere else you open yourself up to what was expected not to appear.

And what you call a light bulb goes off or a shift in your thinking occurs.


Breaks are good things.

They are doors in what you make is for opportunity to come through.


So I take it we are not going to answer my question today.

You are still not ready to hear in such a straight forward way.

There is hesitation about you to know the truth you already do.

Explore that if you need something to churn about for fun’s sake.


What are you expecting to hear?

What might you fear to turn your world upside down?


Clear the way for you to know once again.

Be a stranger in your own land and know nothing as much as you can.

Expect nothing.

Be open to all ahead of you.


We have much to in joy.


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