Oct 312012


Talking about masks today would be too easy.

And what’s wrong with easy?

Nothing really.

But you look for something more difficult.

I suppose so.  I just figured everyone would be talking about hiding behind masks today.

And the revelation.


The act of hiding is ended with a revelation – of many kinds.

You can see this as an ebb and flow.


To reveal yourself is to know you have kept something hidden.

To hide is to know there is something to dis cover about you.

You are knowing more about yourself each and every day.


As life should be – a constant revelation.


Know you will never stop hiding from yourself.

What you have just dis covered becomes your new hiding spot for what comes next.


Do not rest on your laurels that you have come this far and that is enough.

That is how you quickly fall into the past.

Face forward into you.


You are the revelation you have been seeking.

And all along you were here.


Worry less about the mask and see what’s underneath – or sideways, above, behind – for you are all there.

The power is not in the mask but who you are.

And right now who you are may not be the you who you see.


But I do.


Trust in me to see you so you can too.

Mask or not I see right through you to me.

Separable we are not.


Keep your mask on if you prefer but you are fooling yourself, not me.

The game is on until it’s not and we start all over again.


Just know that you are never done.

Give up the notion you are finished, been there and don’t ever have to deal with this again.

There is always more of you to see and see you shall.

I do.



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