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We seem to be venturing into the land of “we are all one“.

You never left.

Except when you did as a way to know yourself more fully.

You wanted to be full of yourself and so here you are.


But do not turn this notion of truth into a platitude.

Just because you are one does not mean you behave that way or see from that perspective.

Your world would be much different if you did, as in expressed your true nature of being.


You see your world and yourself in it as separate.

And if you are separate you cannot see yourself as one.


But I ask you – is the opposite of separate together?

And is together in itself imply one?

Can you be together and not be one?


In The End There Is None

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I’d say we are living proof every day of how we are together and not one.

That depends on your definition of oneness.

For the most part you take oneness to mean sameness.


Oh how you balk at the thought of losing yourself.

And yet you don’t have to.


Oneness and sameness are not the same.

You can be different and the same all at once.


Think of your atoms and molecules and the space in between.

You can rearrange yourself a thousand ways to sideways and appear different while fundamentally not.

What you see is what you get.

Change what you see and get something else.


In your expression of all that is the same, do not forget you are different.

And in your expression of that which is different, do not forget you are the same.


This is why I tell you – looking beyond the physical.

You shall see much more of the truth you look for.

You shall be more of the truth.


You are just beginning to discover you do not end and another begins.

And in the end there is none.



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  1. Light bulb … took me a while to realize the true teaser of the end.


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