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I’m not sure people will be easily convinced they will have less pain being with each other, let alone being more of themselves.

A lot of people would say they are less of themselves to be with another.

Then you should think twice about who you are with.

And then think again.


To be with another who does not make you full of yourself is no place to be.

Even when you are connected to everyone and everything your alignments may not be as harmonious with one as another.

Sometimes the best place to be is farther apart in order to find your connection.


Harmony can come at a distance just as it can come close.

You do not want to cancel each other out or be at odds trying to be yourself.


There is no peace in co-existence – only tolerance and maybe acceptance.

But peace moves beyond that into is and are.


Sometimes the best place to be is at a distance.


Far Apart And Never Closer

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But I thought you said we should move together – for our safety sake.

And because that is who you are.

Very true indeed.


But you do not need to be physically close in order to be together.

That is something for you to learn.

And once you get over yourselves you will see how easily being together really is and can be.


Physical proximity does not guarantee connection.

Or harmony.

You can be far apart and never closer.


Think beyond your physical reality to see what is truly real.

Do not lose your connectedness with anything – because you aren’t and never will be.


But play games you will.

Out of sight may be out of mind but not apart or beyond you.

Move into yourselves and watch a whole new world emerge.


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