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What about experience?

What about experience?


Do we need to experience what another experiences in order to understand their experience?

That would be impossible anyway.

You cannot experience what they experience because you do not experience the world in the same way.

You do not express yourself in the same way.

Your unique self expressions are not the same.


So who you are being creates a different expression which leads to a different experience.


Aren’t they in the same ball park, close enough to be considered the same?

Yes indeed.

And in that lies your connection back to everything, back to home.


You do not have to have the exact same experiences as another to understand what they are going through.

You can feel what they are feeling if you open yourself up to that experience – the experience of the experience.

They are not experiencing a set of facts or actions but their response to those.


Tap into that and you can experience what they are feeling to a depth greater than you could ever reach by the circumstances that got you there.


Just Because

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To understand another through their physical reality is somewhat close at best, and even far apart at that.

To understand another through the energy of feelings beyond time and space and what you call reality is a different matter.

You do not need to experience physically in order to experience emotionally or energetically.


The depth of the connection though is what scares you and keeps you apart.


Open yourself to a realm far beyond what you see but has always been here.

Just because you haven’t, doesn’t mean you can’t.

Just because you don’t know how, doesn’t mean you aren’t.


You do not need to protect yourself any longer.

This has not served you to this point anyway.

You held yourself back in thought only to burst out elsewhere.


Do not let your physicalness get in the way of you, and all of you together.



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  1. Just because you haven’t, doesn’t mean you can’t.

    Just because you don’t know how, doesn’t mean you aren’t.


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