Oct 222012


So really, is starting over really possible or are we a product of our past?

Whichever you desire to believe.

The two aren’t even in the same league.


One assumes you have the ability to create, your life is in your hands.

The other assumes you are helpless and simply a puppet carved out of wood, at the hands or mercy of something larger and outside yourself.


Have you considered the possibility you created your past for just such a purpose – to know yourself differently at this point in time.

You are never not creating anyway, whether you realize your creations or not.


You believe you must go through something in order to be who you are.

You are perfectly capable to decide in this moment.

You can change in a moment.

You can carry your past with you or leave it behind.


What do you decide?


The even more important question is who is the one deciding?

Who are you to make your past your future?

Why is that so important to you?


Think about that.

Who are you to leave your future in the past when it’s done?


Someone new to you?

Or an old, long lost friend?


Starting over does not mean the past is undone.

Your ties, however, are gone.

A fresh start and a clean slate are yours for the taking.

Why drag your past in if a new start is what you desire.


Give yourself a break – from the past that is.

Look at where you are holding on.


Why is that?

What do you gain?

Or are you still at a loss?


You are only a product of all that has gone before when you choose to be so.

The past is gone.

The actions are done.

At this point you might want to call them facts.


Your reaction to them is what gives them energy and breathes them into life.

Or leave them as just is.


What do you use to propel you into being who you really are?

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