Oct 202012


Life is funny.

A real comedian.

Ha, ha.

You do not take me seriously.

You should.


Life is funny as many a comedian will tell you.

That which you take seriously can be seen by another with a sense of humour.

And in that you create what you call a joke.

So when you say life is a joke, you are telling the truth.


Life is also a great mystery.

A tragedy.

Anything you want life to be – it is.

And so are you.


That is the greatness you behold in your arms.

You are everything and anything while nothing at all.

Your wish is your command.


The further you move into life the greater the power you hold at your fingertips.

Metaphorically speaking of course.

For you hold power not in your physicality.


See beyond your fingers and toes.

That is where you truly belong – the space in between.

The flow that never stops.

The creation that is constant change.


Your Wish Is Your Command

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We have talked of this many times before.

And a thousand more to come.

You always want to know how.


How do you become that which you already are?


You want to do something in order to be.

One, two, three.


I cannot do something to make you believe what you don’t.

What you see now is not what you shall.

But there is what you call time and space in between.

And in between is actually where you shall find yourself.


Let go.

Fall into the unknown so you can.

Give yourself the space to be fully you.

You’ll need much more room than that.


Allow yourself to be.

You have always wanted that but held on to what you thought.


Try something new.

Give yourself a break.

Let go to let in.


You are here now because you wanted to be.

So be.


Take the last step by stopping here.

Search no more.


Give in.  Give up.

See like you’ve never seen.

Welcome you home.


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