Oct 172012


Why are you stopping?  What’s slowing you down?


There is a reason you have stopped moving, slowed what you have been doing.

Do you know what that reason is?

Have you taken time to care?


Or are you just glad for the breather so you do not have to face what you believe to be there?

Are you relishing the space you thought had disappeared?


Those are a lot of questions. Kind of personal don’t you think.

Are we not personal you and I?

What else can we be?

Are you concerned I know your most intimate thoughts even when you don’t?


That seems a little freaky.

Get used to it.

There is much more yet to know about each other, even before a word is spoken.


This all feels a little on the weird side.  Odd.  Unusual or not the norm.



Pushing you out of comfort is what’s needed now and then.

More than you care to do for yourself.


So here I am.

At your service.

Willing to take you further into where you do not wish to go on your own.

But the answers you seek are right there.


And once you know, you know.

There is no going back.

Avoidance you may undertake but you still know.


Ignorance is bliss as they say.

Because once you know your growth has begun once again.

The slightest peek creates chasms.

Who you were can no longer be.


Do not let yourself think you are getting away with anything.

For you are not.

Hiding, struggling, going against the flow to appear staying where you.

This is the game you wish to stop while still playing.


Decide what you desire and let yourself move there.

The game underfoot must be seen.

The tiredness you feel will disappear once you let go and let yourself be aware.


You are on the cusp while in the mix.

The time is now.

Let you, the real you with your true desires appear.

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