Oct 132012


Simplicity always sounds so simple.  But really …

Do not confuse simplicity with lack of activity or great ease.

Sometimes the greatest simplicity has the most intricate of workings.

But it all flows, and flows well.


That you might consider complex.

But complicated it is not because everything works.

When you get in the way of that natural flow, things get complicated.


You see the struggle?


You’re trying to make things work in a way they weren’t.

Effort that once went into the flow is now going against or sideways at cross purposes.


So simple can be quite simple.

Nothing to it at all.

Or simple can be quite complex working as it should.


Look at the patterns and energy pulls for where you are misaligned.

See where you are disrupting rather than flowing.

Look for where you are making things more difficult than they need to be.


Simplicity is not always a dynamic of effort or work.

The simplest of things might take great energy.


But it flows.

It clicks.

You’re in the groove.

It feels right.

And in that where you have lack of struggle you are not taking energy away from that which is being done.


This is why I say to let go.

So you can become a part rather than staying apart.

You never are [apart] anyway so why try.


Move in, not separate.

Step back so as not to control.

Do both at once for they are not in opposition.


Feel the simplicity you are.

Even in your complexity.

But simple nonetheless.


When you get right down to you, there is not much other than your greatness of all being.

How can you be more simple than that?

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