Oct 102012


You make life sound so simple.

Simple indeed.

When you get down to the basics of life there is not much there, save you and I.


We are all there is.

Just don’t forget how big we are.



Very big indeed.


The simplicity we are is hidden beneath the layers of complication.

You added those.  Not life.


Life is along for the ride.

For what you do happens to life too.

Who you be is who life becomes.


Life becomes you.

Do not forget that.


Be Sure What You See

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There is no way to separate yourself from that which you are.


You can try.

You can believe.

You can deny.


But you cannot change the truth of what is.


You can have complexity in simplicity but not complications.

Look deep enough and you will see clearly the fine line.

Do not take appearances at first glance unless you are sure what you are looking at.

Very sure.


Can you separate the truth from fiction?

Do you see what is made up?

Can another believe something else?


Be very careful with what you hold as true.

You may be using the wrong sense to tell you what is so.


Peel away the layers.

Look beside, above, behind and underneath.

Find your way to the naked truth where there is nothing blocking your way.


Simplicity is what you shall see, and great beauty is who you shall be.

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