Oct 082012


One word.

Take your pick.  Doesn’t matter.

They are all a construct you have created.

Their meaning can be the same or different.


Your choice.

Your decision.


What are you looking for?

What is it you seek?


Ask that so you can see what is here.

The answer is you all along.

But you have hidden yourself well.

So ask and keep asking to reveal yourself.


The power of a question is far beyond knowing.


They open doors.

Take you to new lands.

Create more unknowns than answers.


Power Beyond Knowing

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Oh great.

You have asked what you are looking for and I have told you.

Now you want something else.


Nobody wants to know they will have more unknowns.

Except you.

And a few others.


Find them.


Set off on the greatest adventure others will be knocking down doors to follow.

Go first.

Be yourself.


The only way to know more is to not know first.


Create from scratch.

Uncover what is here.

They are both the same.

Only your perspective is different and causes one view rather than another.


You would do well to question everything.

In that you will arrive at where you want to go.

Even though you know so little of what that actually is.


Head straight in with all the questions in the world.

You have not asked enough.

You will see what changes come quickly when you do.


Let your curiosity run away with you in tow.

Life is at hand and yours to grab.

Let yourself be the you that is who.

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