Oct 062012


You keep saying we’re ready, the time is now.  But nothing seems different.

You would be surprised how different things are – including yourself.


You are looking for the big moments instead of the small.

Subtle changes have been afoot for a very long time.  Change occurs easier to you that way.

Very few of you like that “big aha, angels sing” moment as the clouds part from the sky.


You are more capable than you know.

The time has come to believe what has already been happening.

You know as well as I.


You are not the same person you used to be and yet that is what you hold yourself to.

Let go of you.


Time To Believe

Modified original Walking through stores from 4freephotos.com
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As scary as that sounds, you must set off to become who you are instead of being who you were.

You can’t be that so why even try.


Unless you like the perpetual struggle, in which case, keep on.

Keep doing what you were doing because that’s exactly what you want to achieve.

And you shall.


Or you can accept what already is and get on with you.

What are you waiting for?

The choice is yous.


Make a decision and be on with you.

Change you will because you already have.

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