Oct 042012


There seems to be a lot of this having an inkling of the truth but we don’t quite have it right.

You would be surprised just how much you really know.

Far, far greater than you let yourself believe.


You know the truth.

How could you not?

There is nothing but the truth except when you hide from it.


Or twist truth out of shape.


Not on purpose necessarily, but out of your need to find yourself again.

You would have no fun saying “here I am, now what?”

You wouldn’t know what to do with yourselves except be more you.


So you left breadcrumbs to lead you back home and set off to find yourselves again.

And what an adventure you have been on for oh so long.


You are here now.

You know.

You see.


And most importantly, you are ready.

Ready to turn your life around and face forward.


You are not the same as you think you were.

You cannot hide behind you anymore.


You know better.

You see the truth.

And your reality isn’t matching.


You really have one choice to make and you have been putting off deciding.

Now is the time.

Deny no more.


Live the truth and make it your reality.

Much of the struggles you push against will disappear.

Alignment will be true again.


Do not wait for all to catch up or be with you.

They already are but you don’t see – yet.


Keep on then and let truth unfold.

Watch what happens when you create the space for others to move, a place for them to be.

What you know to be true will be.


Truth will win out in the end.

How much longer do you want to struggle in denial?


You decide.

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