Oct 012012


Not a new idea but interesting nonetheless.


What is that idea?

To change your past by changing your future.


And why is that?  Interesting, that is. 

Because we don’t think in those terms.

Sure, we think about creating memories so we have something to live on later.

But we stop there.  As long as we can look back, why look forward

Why look into what we don’t know and by extension can’t control.


Do you want to control or create?

Exactly.  They are two very different things.

We try to change now which we have tied very closely to our past.


But your future lies in freedom.

Yes.  So if we tie our future to now then we are open to all the possibility in the world.


And you already are that.

Change your future now and you have no choice but to change what just became your past.

You are already moving in a direction – facing forward no less.



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