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Is anything ever new?  We seem to circle back over and over.  Even me saying this is circling back once again.

Nothing and everything is new once again.

You think linearly and believe once you have gone past there is no need to return.


But this is not reflected in your life.

You keep in your past much more than you like to think.

You dwell on that which is over and stop yourself from moving forward.


The only way to change the past is to change your future.

Forward is your only option for living.

Creation is the only way to make something different of yourself.


You cannot create the past unless it’s your future.

Think about that.


Past Changed In The Future

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I have many times.  We are living the past life of a future one.  (If you believe in that sort of thing.)  We are living a memory, if you remember that sort of thing.

Make this moment count, and the next – not to live backwards.

Living your past over and over again is no way to find yourself.

You remain stuck in who you were.


To change means to turn your back on the past and face forward into the unknown, which is really you in the end.

You do know after all.


This is the process of creating anew within the grandness of all that you are already.

Which parts of you do you desire to bring forward and shine?

There is not one path but many.


Do not make this a choice but a decision.

To choose what part of you is to be overwhelmed with the possibilities of infinity.

You will be stuck once again because you will wait to know everything of all.


Just decide which path you will take, the who you desire to be in this moment.

For you can always decide again and you will.

Of that I guarantee.

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