Sep 282012


How easily one can slip into old patterns and habits.

But you know now.  You are aware.

Where you slipped to is not the same place you slipped to before.

And in that you have made progress, moved forward.


The ability to recognize what is going on inside of you is a great skill to have.  And hone.

This is where true change starts.

From within.


Change from the outside is much easier.

“Do or Die” is what you have been pressured with all your lives.

Change to what around you is pressuring or face the consequences.


But you are changing in reaction and not creation.

You are changing to a power outside yourself.


When you change from the inside you must answer the question “Who am I?  Is this who I choose to be right now?”

Those two questions change everything.


They shift you from being out of control to into alignment.

They create space for you to decide and to move.

They give you a different perspective from where you thought you were.


And that is what you have been seeking all along – freedom.

Freedom to know and be yourself.


Here is your chance.  The opportunity is here.

Take even the tiniest or fleeting of moments you see and ask yourself


Is this who I am and is this who I really desire to be?


Listen to your answer and follow its lead.

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