Sep 262012


We may not need to wait to go ahead, but nobody really wants to be alone.

That is an illusion you like to play upon.

For as much as you know you are never alone you like to think you are.


Very effective at holding you back don’t you think?

I would say so.


You are never alone.  How could you be?

Your separation is an illusion to know yourself more, not destroy you.

Think about that.


Think about how hard you must work to go against all that you inherently are.

Use that if you must, but don’t believe it as your only truth.

There are so many to choose from, or decide on your own.


What you perceive as being alone is merely a play of time and space.  Two great separators themselves.

Believe what you like.

Just place that within the larger context of returning back to you.


To go ahead is merely to open the way for where others are already heading.

Maybe not in sync with you but that is only time and space at work.


From further back you are closer than you realize.

Your world is smaller so everything looks larger in comparison.

But in a much larger room you are so close you might scare yourselves.


Do you see how you play?


We are waiting for you and always will.

But there is no need for you to hold back anymore.

You think you have control when you really don’t.


There will be less to oppose when you jump in and move forward.

You will be not alone when you lead on.

Somebody needs to go first so it might as well be you.

Set life in motion and life will move with you.

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