Sep 242012


If the game is up, why do we continue to play?

Because you can.

So you do.


There is no reason for all of you to stop at once before moving on.

You never have and there is no need to start now.


Go ahead.   Wait no more.

Set an example even if you believe no one sees.

We do.


We know what you are going through.

That is all you need to know to move ahead.

Waiting is futile and shall only frustrate you more.

Do not hold yourself back when you are ready.


Lead the way.  Be yourself.

Take a different route.

Go around instead of through if necessary.

Head on isn’t always the shortest route as you have come to discover many times over.


Fitting in is not the best way to set yourself apart.

The space you create will give everyone else a place to move.

They will see there is more than what they thought.

Often that is all it takes to start the shift you’ve already seen.


A new game may not look all that different at first.

And in that the change can be made easy to put in motion.

But soon the rules will not be the same.

And nor do you want them to.


You can shift on a dime or take all the time – the choice is yours.

You have made up your mind so continue on with what you have decided.

You cannot hold back so give up trying.


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