Sep 222012


You are not as far off as you like to make yourself believe.

So close in fact you must keep pushing away in order to keep up the game.


You are playing a losing battle.


Take the intensity of your efforts as a sign of how close you really are.

The more you oppose that which you know is coming the sooner you will.

You get to go down with a big hurrah or a tiny whimper.


You know this game all too well.

There is no need really but continue you do.


There comes a time when you see the wiles of your ways.

Fooled no more.

Your opposition becomes a choice and in that you acknowledge the other side.

You know both.

You no longer see just a single way.


So you cannot be the same as you were – although you try.

And in that comes your greatest effort to stay where you were rather than be where you are.

If only you would let yourself grow.


You believe you have much to lose and do not see how much more you have to gain.


Fight if you must.

Put up the struggle.

Soon you shall be singing the praises of why not sooner.


Recognize the effort you put into overcoming yourself when you never left.

Here all along.

Waiting for you to see the answers you’ve sought.


This is a matter of when, not if.

Stop pushing the future away to remain in the past.

All that you need is here but continue to look as if you’re not found.


Oh how you like to surprise yourself.


The game is up and you cannot pretend for much longer.


Watch yourself struggle in relation to how close you are.

Let yourself be.

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