Sep 192012


This going in circles can be very tiring.

And a straight line can seem endless, almost pointless.


What are you looking for?

What have you not found?


If I found what I was looking for then I would be here and what fun would that be?

So you are saying wherever you are and whatever you are doing, you are unhappy, dissatisfied, looking for something else?


Would seem that way, wouldn’t it.

You have taken what you know to be true and turned it around to not serve you.

Your endless search is but an expression of your endless self.


You are always more.

You never stop.

But you do not have to search for what is right here.


Know yourself to be true.

Then you can spend your time creating ways to express yourself and letting your curiosity run wild.


There is no waiting in that.

There is no search or separation.

You are here now creating you anew.

In whatever direction you like, in whatever pattern.


Go On Forever

Modified original Sunrise on beach from
Copyright 2011
creative commons terms apply


You are looking for an end when there is none.

You are hoping to get where you cannot go.

Where do you stop?


This is the question you so desperately seek underneath it all.


You don’t.

And that’s what frightens you.


You never stop.


And in your search that sounds very tiring to you.

How can you possibly go on when you are so weary?


But I tell you – there is no stopping you when filled with curiosity and creation.

You could go on forever – and you do.


Turn your energy around.

Come from a different angle.

Shift your perspective and see with new eyes.


There is nowhere to go and everywhere to be.

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