Sep 172012


You are much stronger than you believe yourself to be.

You are much more of everything.

You have barely had a glimpse of all that you are and all that you are able.


Trust in yourself to stand tall and steadfast when need be and weep deeply too.

They are not opposites but more differences of expression.

Showing emotion is your greatest connection to the world and each other.


This is how you hide from one another.

By holding back what you truly feel and having no display of emotion.

You hold yourself within.


That is  a great energy you are trying to contain within such a tiny space.

The physicalness of your body is no match for the energy of you and all that is.

You are trying to stop the unstoppable, to hold motionless that which is in constant motion.


And you believe you can win.


Look around you.

You are wearing yourself out before you have begun.

You are tearing yourself up inside.



And yet you go around pretending nothing has changed and all is the same.


Let yourself loose.

Express yourself.

Feel life flow through you.


Be moved.


What could be more powerful than that?

To live deeply is to feel life move through you.


You are an expression not expressing.

Let yourself flow, if for no other reason than to let life flow.

Do it for life if you can’t be it for yourself.


Are you willing to be responsible for holding life back?


Be open to where life is taking you – back to you.

And that is far grander than who you are now.

And always will be.


Be moved to ever grander expressions of life through you.

Unfurl before your very eyes.

You are a beauty to behold.

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