Sep 082012


Here we are – at the beginning of the end once again.

Step into it.

Throw yourself into being here fully and in joy.


There is nothing to fight but life itself.

You can spend your time trying to beat impossible odds or you can simply in joy life to the fullest.


Bring yourself to dance the dance and see where you go.

The floor is open.

Nothing is in your way.


Shouldn’t we try instead of giving up?

Never give up on life.


But to battle is not living either.

You are at odds then, one against the other.


Let Go And Come Together

Modified original Rain drops falling from
Copyright 2011
creative commons terms apply


Open your heart and listen to what life is telling you.

You can support life as you support one another.


Move closer to yourselves instead of further apart.

Hanging on causes separation.

Letting go brings you together again.


Just be.


I know how difficult that is for you all.

Something must be done and it is.

But what must be done and what you think must be done are far apart.


These are precious moments you share just being with each other.


Do not try to prolong life.

Be life.

Be immersed in life.


Celebrate this time as you come closer to the veil.

You can see what you cannot before.

Let yourself fall into this space of no pretenses, no false illusions, no playing games.

Joy is what you’ll find instead of sorrow.


What time you have is a time like no other.

There is no reason to be anything but you.

And in that, they can too.


You do not need to know when or how.

Return once again to who.

Bring who you are to this moment and let your light shine through.

In joy being together just as you are.


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