Aug 302012


Let go.




That was short, sweet and to the point.

That’s all that needs to be said.


Again, short and to the point.

You will be amazed at all you are holding.

There will always be a time when you can let go into something more, something more you.


I thought you have said on several occasions to grab on too.

I did not say to grab hold of what you’re holding.

There is a moment where you must let yourself be the space in between.


By holding on before grabbing hold you limit yourself on what you can reach.

How far, how thin you can spread yourself determines your next step, your next place to be.


I tell you – if you could be anywhere you can be.

But you cannot as long as you are here holding on.


Hot air balloon moon by Jon Sullivan
Copyright 2011
creative commons terms apply


You believe yourself to fall once you let go.

You think of yourself as a lead balloon.

But I tell you – it is helium you are more like.


Once you let go you can fly as high and as far as you like.

You are free.


As long as you hold on you can only go as far as your string will allow.

But your nature is to fly and be free.

Even held back you are pushing for more, tugging at strings, moving onward and upward as we speak.


You will fly and not fall once you see your true self.

You don’t need to be here or there.

You don’t need to have your feet on the ground or held safe by a string.

That is false control you let yourself believe in.


You do not like to cage others so why cage yourself?

Be free so you can find yourself amongst the stars or the trees.


You are in between.

Let yourself be.

Let go and let be.


In that you will be free.

And find yourself exactly where you desire yourself to be.


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