Aug 282012


There is so much more in waiting for you to seize the day!

Even if you have.

There is more – just beyond what you can see right now.


This is one time to not say enough.

There is never enough of you.

The more you are you the more you can feast upon.


Bring yourself to the table.

We are waiting for you.

Sit down, pull in closer, dive in.

It is you we have been waiting for.


Now we can begin.


Your holding back serves no one.  Even if you believe you can control the flow.

To be in control sets you apart and keeps you separate.

To be in control slows life down and gives you not what you truly desire.


Listen to yourself.

Deeply listen.

Hear what you long for and what is calling.


Do not ignore what you know to be true.

That will only serve to frustrate you more.

Your heart longs to sing, not be silenced.


Shine your light.

Sing your tune.

Let yourself loose.


We have been waiting for you to show up.

You are holding back for no reason other than to delay the inevitable.


You know.

You are here.

Let go and let loose into you.

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