Aug 222012


That may be a tall order you’re asking.

And what order might that be?  Does it come with fries?


Very funny.  The tall order to trust ourselves and fall.  To trust we will be caught.

But you already have.  Been caught that is.

You are never without you.  The real you.

What is there to trust?


Now that is a very good question … let’s see. 

Trust we won’t be hurt.  Trust we’ll be caught and will survive.  Trust that what can be is better, not worse, than what we have now.  Trust the unknown is safe.  Trust we won’t look stupid or embarrassed.

My, my.  There are certainly a lot of things in your way.

You have a lot to overcome just to be where you already are.

Have you considered you think too much, or perhaps think too little?


What is that supposed to mean?

Well, you have all these grand, or not so grand in your mind, ideas of what might happen.


Yes.  Those are important to consider.

But your picture is incomplete.

You have not considered what also might happen.

Like you feel more like yourself than ever before, you feel free and unbounded, you have more energy than ever before.

Those are the only the beginning of what you might consider in more than a fleeting thought.


You cannot base your entire life and deny who you are based on an incomplete and very narrow slice of mights.

I tell you – you are mightier than you let yourself be.


Would you have to trust yourself to let go if what was waiting is what you have desired for oh so long?

Or would you be jumping with both feet so fast because what you have sought is at your feet?

Think about that.


From where is trust sourced – out of fear or joy?


If you do not trust yourself then you live in fear of yourself.

And I ask you – fear of what?


What could you possibly fear – how grand you truly are?  Having everything you truly desire?

Not wanting anymore?


Who would you be and what would your life look like without the fear lurking behind?

Can you truly imagine that?  Can you imagine having what you’ve always wanted – you?


But that is what you will get when you fall into you.

Reunited once more and one life ahead in joy.

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