Aug 202012


Do you think we are settling then?

I think you have settled into a new favourite spot, a new comfort zone of sorts.


What I ask of you is to keep pushing, keep expanding, keep growing, keep seeing anew.

You are on the cusp, the verge of something very grand.


But where you are right now is not enough, not quite.

You haven’t finished yet.

Almost, but not quite.


You are oh so close and now is not the time to let up and settle for less than who you really are.

You have come this far yes, and you still have all that is ahead to go.

Your awakening to a grand new world is at hand.

Keep after yourself to keep going.


Stay in motion.

But not of the doing kind, be in motion.

More doing will not take you to where you most long to be.


See Within


Be you.

Be your who.

Be aware of all that you are and surrounds you.

Look at each other so you can see within.


Modified original Water lilies reflection from
Copyright 2012
creative commons terms apply


Oh so close you are.

Lean into the greater who and let yourself fall.


You are there to catch you.

You’re waiting on the other side just as you’ve always done.

You will never let you down because how can you – who can you.


Trust yourself.

Trust the real you who is waiting so patiently for you to return.


You have heard your call.

Time to answer.

Push through.  Keep on.  You are here.

The time is now.


Be you.

Heart and soul – let them loose.

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