Aug 192012


Starting over or continuing on – where are you in this moment?

What is your perception changing in your reality?


What is that supposed to mean?

Here you are with the first page of a new book that is a continuation in a long series.

New or ongoing?


You are at the time of year when children, and adults too, are going back to school.  New grade of a multi-year process.

Starting new or continuing on?


This day begins and is one of how many.

What is your perception?


How do you frame where you are?

What is the reality you are creating?


And this is important because?

I want you to be aware of the many worlds in one you are a part of right now.

Your decision of which ones you see, and which one step into changes everything.

Creates everything.

Creates you.


You have not only one world but many.

You can decide again and start anew.

You can change your life in an instant.


What if I don’t want any of the worlds I see?  Am I hooped?

Not at all.

Create the world you wish to see.

You do anyway.


No need to settle for what you believe you can have when you can be anything.


When You Can Be Anything

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You changed from having anything to being anything.

On purpose.

All ways on purpose.


The world before you begins with you.

Change who you are being and the world changes with you.

Magicians are you all.


Only this is no illusion.

You create your world.


What if I want to be who I am but don’t like the world I see?

Be the you who doesn’t like what you see.

You do not have to change one little bit, and there are so many of you who do exactly just that.

But I ask you, to what benefit?   Of what purpose are you not changing?


Are you aware of what’s going on underneath?

Are you aware of the real you who is not liking what they see?

Are you being asked to change or to change what you see?


There is no point in staying where you are.

Life would be very boring indeed.


You are in motion creating yourself anew.

Never not.

And yet you like to think you are.


Oh the games you play.

Have you considered not liking something as a signal back to you to stay in motion, to keep living, to keep deciding who are you?


There is no time to rest in this life.

You are always you.

And that means you are always life expressing itself, you are always expressing you.


Choose your life and you will choose you.


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