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Now we’re back to just be yourself.

We’ve never left.

I have never said anything different.


Life is about you, all of you.

The whole and nothing but the you.

It is you who sees differently in thought.


Well, I think many of us aren’t being our whole true selves.  Certainly doesn’t feel that way.

You mistake your experience for the truth.

You are never not you.

But what you experience may give you a different impression.


Clearly See You

Modified original Modern building in fog from
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Remember you forget.

Or don’t see the whole thing, the bigger picture.

You may have put stuff in between or in front of you, but you have never left.

You just have to see through more obstacles and filters in both directions.


What is that supposed to mean?

You see out and through this “fog” as you like to call it, and so you see back or in through it too.

Don’t mistake what is in front of you for the absolute truth.


Fog moves away, burns off in light, to reveal what was, is and will always be there.

Storms come and go.  As does dust, rain and snow.

Walls eventually come done, unless they don’t.

But that is something you control.


Do you want to see more clearly?

For if you do, then know others will be able to see you more clearly too.

They go hand in hand.

Your out is there in.


You will end up there eventually so the only real question is when?

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