Aug 082012


What does hold us together?

The space in between.

It gives you relationship between each other and everything.

You see yourself as here or there, this or that, but without each other you only are.


And then where would you be? 

Back to in between again because that is all there is.


Set yourself apart from that which you are and suddenly you see differently.

That which is not [separate] suddenly becomes is [separate] because you are not getting the whole picture.

You are outside yourself so you don’t see the whole you.

You can’t, until you do.


But that takes a new set of eyes.

And with a new set of eyes you can see a whole new world you never saw before.

All without ever leaving home.


You took your world apart so you could bring it back together.

You like the new so the old becomes quickly boring to you.


What better way to be new again than to keep finding new ways to see you.

Only they have been here all along waiting for you to return.


Do not take this game you play so seriously.

In joy yourself because that is who you are.

Bring joy to all that you do because that is who you are.

Express yourself all over and you shall bring joy to the world.

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