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If there are many worlds, I could easily say there is only one I see.

How hard are you looking?  Are you taking the easy way out?

Look at what you define as your world.

Can you honestly say you have only one?

You can make believe you do for a moment but then others start to creep back in.


You have lived in multiple worlds just getting to where you are.

Take a trip down memory lane and observe a few so you can count them.

And don’t forget the ones you have forgotten should be included too.


Okay, but there is only one physical world.

And which one would that be.

The one you live in?


Sure.  Let’s go with that for arguments sake.

Gather together as many people as you like.

Their backgrounds don’t have to be that varied either.

Pick some political views, a culture or two, your gender choices and a smattering of of economic representations should do.

You can all be from one city or a sampling of that too.


What Holds You Together

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Begin describing your world to each other and find out how far physical goes.

From micro worlds of atoms to macro worlds of the universe, you have not one world but many.

It is you who determines the world around you and what playing field you are on.


Yet somehow you are all here existing with one another and all things around you.

With so many differences there must be some common thread of the same.

What holds you together when you are so far apart?


Think about that.

You are alike in your differences, but how?

That is where the secret you search for hides out my friend.

And it’s been here all along.

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