Aug 052012


Are you saying we should let go of any notion of staying the same and not changing?

I am saying any desire to experience staying the same or not changing should be a conscious decision instead of presumed.

There is no reason not to experience anything you wish to experience.


Now you have the opportunity to make experiences one of purposefulness in your awareness.

You can even be aware of the experience of forgetting now.

You have arrived here from coming so far.


You are masters of your experience because you are life itself.

You are life experiencing itself.

That is what you are all about.


And with your new level of awareness you have raised your game to a whole new level of playing field.

This is not a matter of opposites I am speaking but whole new worlds.

You cannot play in one world the game of another.


The old game is over and you have moved to new roles.

You’ve upped the ante on being life and expressing yourself in ways not thought or heard of before.

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