Aug 032012


I suppose we were touching into the idea of duality with talking about progressions and playing fields.

You were touching beyond.

You stretched yourself into another direction which changes the shape of everything.


You went from one dimension to another.

Or at least moved beyond a line.

You gave yourself room in between to see anew.


Do not trap yourself into believing all is as it is.

You learn one thing, like it and don’t move on.

You are in motion so you cannot be still as hard as you try.


You Are The One Now

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Copyright 2012
creative commons terms apply


Keep looking as to what is out there – and right here.

You are a part of discovery as much as everyone else.

What becomes new is also up to you.


This idea of beyond duality is here to stay.

You see it now so it does not hold or control you as much as it did.

You have been poking at the edges and loose they have become.


So what is beyond?

Put yourself out there.

See back to here.

What is different than before?


You are the one to see now.  Do not wait for somebody else.

Bring what nobody else saw into real.

You are the one now.

Be lieve.   [Be live]

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