Jul 312012


You are making strides faster than you know.

And even in spite of feeling everything is moving so slow.

The changes you don’t see happening inside.

They make their way to the surface when they are ready to come forth.


Look at your thoughts and action to see what is afoot.

When you pay attention you will notice what is changing in your world, your inner world that is.


One place to look is where you struggle and where you push.

You want something so bad and yet it is nowhere to be found.

Why is that?


What are you not letting go or letting through?

What are you holding onto longer than you should?

What notions to do you see popping up that are tying you down?


Pay attention to these spots and thoughts.

Your awareness bringing light to them takes away their power.

It is in the dark that you find yourself alone and apart – even when that is not true.


Sometimes to stop resisting is the best thing you can do.

To stop the push in one direction is to allow more space to come forth in between.

In that you allow flow.


Even in your disbelief you will be amazed at what comes to you.

So pay attention.

Be aware.

Observe what appears.

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