Jul 292012


I can see it makes sense not everything is or has an opposite, and instead you have leaps to whole other realms, or playing fields as you called them.  Mechanical and quantum physics come to mind as an example of such a leap.

Progressions do not have opposites.

They are layers built not upon one another but in addition to.

The parts are not the same in the next.

A little rearranging goes on here and there.


But both exist at the same time for you to move in.

Which one do you choose?


Remember another might choose a different world to live in so how are you both here at the same time?

Much of your issues do not come from not getting along with each other.

How can you get along if you aren’t even in the same world?

You aren’t even together to give getting along a try.


So you end up at cross purposes because there is nothing to stop you from crossing.

There is no middle to meet in unless you cut through a different slice.


Think of a stack of dishes.

Where do they cross?

Where do they come within reach for each other?


You are not all on one plate but across many.

Your coming together takes on more dimension.

And of this you are unsure.


Step back so you can see how you can reach out to one another when you may be separated by layers in between.

There is not one plate you playing with but a whole stack (for now.  We will get to that some other time.)


You have many worlds in one.

And not all can see through each other.

This is a challenge you face.


Who is going to bridge and make openings through instead of just playing on one?


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