Jul 282012


You’re in the details then.

I am everywhere.  As are you.

You just don’t believe me yet.  But you will.

In time.


I thought you said time didn’t exist, it was a construct of ours.

It is.


So why would we believe in time.  Wouldn’t we believe out of time.

You are starting to get this, to see outside yourself, looking here from over there.

And in that you start to see yourself from and in everywhere.


Do not look for black and white.

You shall trap yourself faster than you can blink.

The freedom you seek shall be once again out of reach.


Black Not Now White

Modified original Black swan head from 4freephotos.com
Copyright 2012 KitchenTableWisdom.com
creative commons terms apply


There is no straight answer for you to rest on.

What was black is now not even white.

Your science does not deal only in opposites but also leaps.


You add playing fields to your game to perceive whatever dimension you like.

And the both exist at the same time.

They all do.


So if both and all can be at the same time, so do you.

Which one do you choose – how about both and all at the same time?

Because you already are.


How can you choose one thing to hold onto when it is only in your mind?

And your mind can change faster than a blink.

Blink again.


What you see as constant is only a choice of seeing the same thing in your mind.

Change your mind and you change your worlds.

All of them.

There are many layered in one.


How many do you see through or choose to?

This is me and you.


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