Jul 192012


You make it sound so easy to allow yourself to happen.

You would be surprised how just.

You have struggled for so long to keep up appearances you have forgotten what it is like to not.


Life is not a struggle and does not want to struggle against you.

The good fight is not you.

You have better ways of accessing your energy and power than trying to build it up through the physicalness of you.

You have to let go to let through.


There is much more to you than meets your eye.

Have you considered that may be one reason you have a hard time seeing yourself?

If you saw more of you, you might just take yourself even more at face value than you already do.


You Wish To Fly

American Flamingos courtesy of Kat Spence
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You have a whole world behind you there is little attention paid to.

You face forward always leaving something behind but you bring what’s behind you to face forward.

This is an odd game you play but it still amuses you – until it doesn’t anymore.


Forget what direction you face or what you see for now and step outside yourself.

Watch yourself unfold without you trying to keep it together.

The best thing you could do may be to fall apart.


The days of finding comfort in being bound are over.

You are not served by being swaddled anymore.

You wish to fly so you must spread your wings.

Tied up or boxed in – you will find a way to break free.


But I tell you – struggle against yourself will not let you be.

Relax, let go, give in to give yourself room and space to move.

Allow you to unfold and you will fly much faster to where you wish to soar.


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