Jul 182012


You have set yourself upon a journey far greater than any you have gone before.

The step was taken and off you go.

Do not excite yourself with seeing what lays ahead.

Know that you are in motion just as you set yourself to be.


The wonders you shall encounter are a sight to see.

Allow yourself the opportunity to unfold before your very eyes.

Wondrous indeed.


All you had to do was say Yes, and Yes you did.

You answered the call whether you knew or not.

Otherwise you would not be here.


You are ready, more than ready, in spite of what you let yourself think.

You started off thinking you began for a totally different reason but you are here nonetheless.

Consider that you told yourself what you needed to hear so you would not bail once again.

Those other false starts were mere preparations to set sail now.

Opportunity Of Unfolding

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Do not push.  There is no need.

Sink back.  Relax.  Open to yourself even more.


We shall travel this journey together you and I.

Let me lead the way for now until your bearings are straight in these new waters.

Trust me so you can trust in you.

There is no difference.


For now just be you.

Pay attention, listen and hear.

This is not the time to make things happen out of time.


Nor will there ever be.


We have begun.

Allow you to happen.

Flow is the order of the day.

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