Jul 152012


Are you saying “don’t worry, be happy“?

Not at all.

I’m saying pay attention to the worry and be happy regardless because because you can.

You can be happy about your experience of worrying.


Your problems comes from staying at the level of worry or concern and not exploring what is causing that.

You’d be amazed at how quickly your worry can turn into curiosity and shift everything without changing the issue at hand.


Something caused your concern.

What was it?

And what was behind that?


Keep looking beyond and underneath until you get to the matter of you.

Who are you being and what is causing misalignment of you?


Become friends with your fear.

Know how it speaks to you so you can recognize the signs when things are amiss.

Until you know what’s really there you can’t realign or shift.


You’ll notice a distinct change in energy the closer you get to you.

Guide yourself home and begin again from there.

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