Jul 142012


You are concerned about that which you should be not.

Take a good look at your worries to see which ones are truly worth worrying about.

And there are some, just not all that you currently put on your plate.


Consider a worry to be a signal things are not as they should or you know you not be.

Something is amiss or askew.


Sometimes, if not many, what you are concerned about has little to do with what is true.

There is much less to worry for if you get down to the core.

A trouble will express itself in many ways and forms until you see it for what its worth.

And worthy it is because you will learn more about you – when you get underneath.


Do not take a bother at face value.

Some are static to throw you off and pull your attention away.

Others are there to show you what is not aligned and where change needs to be afoot.


Do not always face things head on.

You can find the most resistance in your way.

Charging in creates an energy unlike others so be careful and conscious in your use.


And uses there are.

Just not every time.

Step back before you move in and you will have a much clearer picture of the signals taking your attention and the best approach to deal with them.

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