Jul 112012


I’m still not sure people will buy into the notion being together more closely will bring freedom and peace.  Wouldn’t having your own space bring that about?

No one has to buy into anything and they certainly don’t.

You also have the problems you have that don’t seemed to ever get resolved.


Look at your history and you will see you have always been on a path towards more connectedness.

You know something despite what you believe.


This denial is a what keeps you apart.

And in your denial of what is true you create struggle that is unnecessary for you.

Where else have you seen this in your life?


You expend more energy in keeping up appearances of what is not you have no time to be yourself.

Your only encounters of coming together are the result of trying to force yourselves apart.


Give yourself a chance, a try.

Bring who you really are to the table instead of who you are not.


This is what is next for you to learn.

And foreign it will feel until you get used to it, to see for yourself it is true.


You are greater together than apart.

You are more at home and at ease together than alone.

You will find ways back to yourself because you can’t help yourself – this is the real true who.


When you stop struggling against what already is, the peace you seek amongst yourselves and within will be found.

Because you never left you.

You are the peace that has always been here.

You  could not leave yourself alone -nor another.


Change your ways.

Do not apply the old to the new.

Continued struggle will ensue.


You are much greater and able than you give yourself credit for.

In your greatness you will find the freedom and peace you hide by struggling to stay small.

Free yourself to be the freedom you are.


Once you have a taste of who that you is there will be no stopping or doubting your movement to gather as one.

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