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If we are meant to be together, we haven’t been doing a good job.

You have gotten in the way of yourselves.

You have never not been together – you are all here aren’t you?

You just don’t know how to be together with one another as you truly are.


Finding your way back has been a slow, softly tread journey.

You believe yourself to be alone and separate, taking great caution to be with more of you, when really you are all of you making yourself to be alone.


No wonder you are anxious.

You believe yourself to be what you know you are not.

You are at odds with yourself and that is easily expressed outwardly against you.

You push away in the frustration of trying to be what you’re not.


See how silly this game can be when you break it apart?

Just as silly as when you break you apart.


Believe You Know Not

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There has never been a time when you haven’t tried to find your way back to gather.

Your beingness depends on it.


Who would you be without each other or any other thing?

You would  be all of you, the only you, the all that is.


It is in your relationships you can see who you are and who you are not.

Your lives become richer with each other.

You get to experience more of you than you could ever think.


Give yourself credit for being bigger than you are.

That is what you are trying to handle – your greatness, your largeness, the expansiveness of you.


Do not run away from each other.

Find ways to keep coming back to you, for you have never left after all.


Dance the dance to cover as much of the floor as you can.

Move together as one.

You are here now because you never left.

How could you?


You have always found ways to be with more of you and more of you there are.

You know what is true and you are making your way back to who.

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