Jun 282012


What is next is just around the corner.

And so are you.


You are already where you want to be except not quite from where you stand.

Allow time to move on, motion to continue, life to flow.

You do not have to be ready, only willing, and usually you are.


The time has come to step into the next newest version of you.

You cannot prepare any more for what is to come.

You already are.


You will grow and change and evolve as you desire by moving forward, by expressing who you are and experiencing life through it all.

You are in a dance that is dance in the moment.

The best laid plans may become better with what appears.

Are you going to miss out on life because you didn’t see it coming?

Didn't See It Coming

Modified original Small chamomile flowers from 4freephotos.com
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Immerse yourself in the rhythms of life and dance the dance with each move.

You can change what you believed needed to happen and still end up where you wanted to go.


Creation is a partnership you need to be part of not apart from.

Distancing yourself will not keep you safe.

That will only serve to delay.  And delays are no more.


You have decided that already.

You cannot keep yourself away.

Move into each other, become one in the dance with life and create the new you and the new way as you find yourself right here where you’ve always been.

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